Casual Visit Prices


Student Non Student

Casual visit - child: 5 - 15 years of age

(children under the age of 5 are included in adult swim entry)
Casual visit - adult$6.00$7.20
Casual swim, spa, sauna and steam room visit - adult
(minimum age of 16 years for the spa, sauna and steam room)
Spectator entry$2.00$2.00
10 visit pass
(does not include spa, sauna and steam room)
Swim Fit casual entry$13.10$15.40


Student Non Student
Casual Fitness Centre visit (all campuses)$17.50$20.50
Casual Group Fitness Class visit (all campuses)$17.50$20.50

Court Hire

Student Non Student
Badminton - per hour$17.50$20.50
Badminton - five hour pass$78.75N/A
Badminton - ten hour pass$157.50$184.50
Caulfield & Peninsula Stadium (full court) - per hour $50.00$60.00
Caulfield & Peninsula Half Court Basketball - per hour$25.00$30.00
Clayton Half Court Basketball - per hour$28.50$33.50
Clayton Stadium (full court) - per hour$57.00$67.00

Squash (Clayton only)

Student Non Student
Squash - per hour$22.20$26.20
Squash - five hour pass$99.90N/A
Squash - ten hour pass$199.80$235.80

Table Tennis (Caulfield & Clayton only)

Student Non Student
Caulfield Table Tennis - per hour$17.50$20.50
Clayton Table Tennis - per hour$12.70$14.90
Clayton Table Tennis - five hour pass*$57.15N/A
Clayton Table Tennis - ten hour pass*$114.30$134.00

Tennis (Clayton & Peninsula only)

Student Non Student
Clayton Tennis - per hour$17.50$20.60
Clayton Tennis - five hour pass$78.75N/A
Clayton Tennis - ten hour pass$157.50$184.50
Peninsula Tennis - per hour$11.80$13.90

* Table Tennis - five hour and ten hour passes cannot be used cross-campus. Clayton only.

  • All prices include GST.
  • Student - Includes only current Monash University students.
  • Non-Student - Includes anyone other than a Monash University student.
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