Fitness Centres

Quality Accredited Facilities (Centre of Excellence)

Monash Sport prides itself in creating a safe, supportive and welcoming training environment while offering a wide variety of equipment, services and programs delivered by caring and supportive industry professionals.

Our commitment to providing a high level of quality service and sound facility management has seen all Monash Sport Fitness Centres receive the highest level of accreditation by Fitness Australia, the industry’s leading governing body.

Monash Sport is currently the only University-based Fitness Centre in Australia to be recognised as a Quality Accredited Facility. Operating at this level requires the ongoing commitment to achieving the highest possible standards in professionalism, safety, customer care, information & knowledge, people and leadership.

Our accreditation proves our dedication to ensuring we’re setting an industry standard when it comes to facility management and assisting members with their health and fitness goals.

Supportive Training Environment

  • Supervision

We’re committed to ensuring our Fitness Centres are supervised by qualified industry professionals at all times. Our friendly and knowledgeable Health and Fitness Instructors are on hand to provide you with guidance and assistance from the second we open, to the moment we close!

  • Training Guidance and Advice

Members looking for further and more in-depth guidance and direction with their training are welcome to take part in a one-on-one consultation with our industry-qualified and registered Health and Fitness Instructors.

There are two types of consultations available:
Program Design – Our Program Design is what we call the initial consultation we provide to members in order to set them up with a structured, relative and effective exercise program. We tailor each exercise program to the individual, taking into consideration your goals, ability, injuries and what training methods will produce the best outcomes.
Program Review – To ensure motivation is maintained, we recommend updating your exercise program every 8 weeks. These consultations are what we call Program Reviews.
We take what you were doing in your previous program and make considered changes in order to initiate progress within your training.

Both Program Designs and Program Reviews are complimentary services available on most memberships.

Training Enhancement Series

Our Training Enhancement Series involves a range of programs and services available for members to participate in at no additional cost. These initiatives will add further variety to your training and further assist in helping reach your goals in a fun and motivating manner

Services include: