Exercise of the Week

September's theme: Free weight

Our Exercise of the Week program initiative is a great way for Monash Sport members to learn about new exercises which you can then add to your training routine in order to encourage variety and results. Each week a new exercise will be displayed within the Fitness Centre and on our Instagram Story alongside important information such as the benefits, muscles involved and considerations.

We encourage all members to speak with a qualified Monash Sport instructor to ensure the exercise is performed correctly and to discuss how to best incorporate it into their current training program.

At the beginning of every month, you can visit this webpage to catch up on the previous month's tutorial video and training handouts.

Free weights allows the user to freely pick up and move a weight that is not attached to anything structural. It can be moved freely through space and across a path that is determined by the user.

Click on the PDFs below to learn more about each exercise.

Renegade Row
BB Bench Press
Farmer's Walk
Romanian Deadlift