Water Women

Learn to Swim classes and recreational swimming for women, run by women.

Our 'Water Women' program aims to develop water awareness, familiarisation and stroke development to participants in a friendly environment. It is available for women aged 16 years and older and is held on Saturday nights, 6.30pm - 8pm, during our Learn to Swim term dates.

The fundamental skills gained through participation in the 'Water Women' program will form a valuable foundation for learning the important life skill of swimming, which is so important for all women.

Water Women caters for everyone;

  • for those who would like to feel more confident in the water,
  • for women who want to begin their learn to swim journey,
  • or even if you have had lessons and want to progress further with your stroke technique.

The program features trained female lifeguards, as well as friendly qualified, experienced female swim teachers at all sessions and is conducted outside of the normal operating hours for the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool to ensure the privacy of participants is guaranteed.

The entire Doug Ellis Swimming Pool facility is able to be used by Water Women participants, this includes the variable pool, main and leisure pools (excluding program allocated lanes), spa, steam room and sauna.

Standard visit prices are applicable for these sessions. Sauna, steam and spa charges will apply to visitors wanting access to these areas.

Please note this program is not available as part of a Monash Sport membership.

Please note our Water Women program does not offer complimentary practice swimming, as offered in our Adult Learn to Swim program.

Period Positivity

Monash University has partnered with Asaleo Care and Libra to implement the ‘Period Positivity At Monash’ program at Clayton, Peninsula, Parkville and Caulfield campuses, with the aim to improve menstrual equity and remove stigma associated with periods, and to promote a safe and inclusive environment at Monash.

‘Period Positivity at Monash’ is designed to provide accessibility to period care products for individuals who require them, with the objective that it leads to positive outcomes in society, from inclusivity and making people feel safe and welcome, to better performance at work or studying.

Dispensers providing free pads and tampons have been installed in 30 bathrooms across Clayton, Peninsula, Parkville and Caulfield campuses, including at the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool Monash Sport Clayton. Click here for more information.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this program please contact our friendly Customer Service staff on (03) 9905 4115.

The Water Women program is a joint initiative brought to you by Monash Sport, Health, Wellbeing and Development, and Students Teaching English to our World.


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