Rural End-to-End Program

If you are interested in medical practice in rural or regional Australia once you graduate, the Monash Rural End-to-End program offers you the opportunity to experience those settings as part of your medical studies.

What is the Monash Rural End-to-End program?

The Monash Rural End-to-End program is a cohort of domestic graduate entry students within the Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD). These students have the opportunity to undertake their medical degree in rural and regional Victoria through Monash Rural Health.

Each year 30 places within the graduate entry MD are set aside for students undertaking the Monash Rural End-to-End program.

What are the advantages of the Rural End-to-End program?

Same degree: different location.

As a Rural End-to-End student, you complete the Monash MD curriculum in rural and regional Victoria. You have lots of hands-on training opportunities with dedicated tutors, clinicians and experienced educators, lots of access to patients and a great lifestyle.

Where will I study?

As a Monash Rural End-to-End program student, you'll spend your first year at Monash Rural Health Churchill in Gippsland. For the next two and a half years of the three years of clinical training, you are then guaranteed a place in rural and regional hospitals and community-based practices. These are primarily based in north-west Victoria, with opportunities for placements in Gippsland as well. Your final clinical training year consists of a series of six-week placements, half of which you can choose to do in metropolitan hospitals.

When you begin clinical training you will join with selected Monash direct entry MD students in a combined program across Monash Rural Health’s rural and regional footprint, and be part of the Monash Rural Cohort.

Where will I live?

During your first year at Churchill, Monash MD students have access to on-campus accommodation provided by Federation University.

For your clinical training years in rural and regional Victoria, you have access to subsidised Monash accommodation located near the hospitals and community-services where you are placed.

How do I apply?

Students in the first intake of the Monash Rural End-to-End program will begin their studies in 2021 with applications opening in 2020. Admission procedures and requirements are the same for all domestic students applying for a place in the graduate entry MD. The only difference is that you will indicate a preference for the Monash Rural End-to-End program.

Does it help if I live in or I’m originally from rural or regional Australia?

Yes, it can. Monash offers a specific pathway for rural origin students called the Dean’s Rural List. You can apply for a place on the Dean’s Rural List which will boost your chances of an invitation to a selection interview and situational judgement test. After you submit your application for a place in the graduate MD, you’ll be sent an invitation to apply to the Dean’s Rural List as well. This is sent to all applicants so, if it’s relevant to you, make sure you apply.

This Monash Rural End-to-End Program is funded by the Australian Government under the Murray-Darling Medical Schools Network.