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TeamMONASH Awards celebrate sporting achievement and community support at Monash and in the wider community.

'Blues' are the most prestigious awards, presented each year to students who demonstrate outstanding sporting performance.

A Monash University Blue may be awarded to an individual student athlete that represented the University and has achieved an outstanding performance (either individually or as part of a university team) during the 12-month period commencing 1 November to 30 October.

The definition of a student is an individual that has been enrolled in at least one unit at Monash University during the period (1 November to 30 October annually)

An individual’s performance will be considered by the University annually. A student athlete is eligible to be awarded a sporting blue in multiple years so long as the performance is assessed as meeting the criteria agreed by the Blues Advisory Committee.

Nomination and Awarding Process

A nomination for a Blue must be submitted to Director Team MONASH using the approved nomination documentation by the 30th October each year.

All nominations will be assessed and formally approved at a meeting of the Blues Advisory Committee.

In assessing whether a Blue should be awarded the Blue Advisory Committee shall consider the nomination against the level and standard of competition the individual or team has represented the university in and their performance/outcome for that year and may reference previous award criteria and history.

The Monash University Blues shall be awarded at an official ceremony to be conducted in March following the nomination period.