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Elite Student Performer Scheme


Elite Student Performer Scheme (ESPS)

Monash University is committed to helping its students combine academic success with sporting or performing arts success through our Elite Student Performer Scheme.

We provide a range of support services and benefits to students who are competing or performing at an elite level in their sport or discipline (ie at the National or International level).

This support will help student members to balance their commitments to both their studies and their sport/discipline and manage any conflicts that may arise.

Student members of this Scheme are required to meet University requirements for enrolment, assessment and course completion, however, a degree of flexibility can be provided to assist them to meet these requirements.


To be eligible for the Scheme, you must be:

  • A commencing or continuing undergraduate or postgraduate student enrolled at a Monash University campus, including Monash College
  • Competing/performing regularly in your sport or discipline
  • Competing/performing at the National or International level. (Please note: some disciplines require International level; some sport specific state leagues do also qualify)
  • You must be currently enrolled as a student at Monash University.


  • Performer disciplines are still a relatively new area and there is no current uniform method to categorise performers. As such it is up to the university to define who they will support.
  • Primary forms of performance acts include dance, music and opera. There are also theatre disciplines including plays, musicals, classical Indian dance, kabuki, mummers' plays, improvisational theatre, stand-up comedy and pantomime.
  • Secondary forms include magic/illusion, mime, spoken word, puppetry circus arts, performance art, recitation and public speaking.

Please note:

  • Applications are also assessed on the level/standard of the sport/discipline in National/International comparisons
  • Applications remain open all year round
  • Applications will be assessed by a committee and outcomes will be communicated to each applicant via email
  • If you have any questions about your eligibility, please send us an email via the details below

ESPS History

The University is a member of the national Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) agreement developed in partnership with the Australian Sports Commission in 2004.

The EAFU program supports Australia’s elite athletes to achieve academic excellence while also pursuing a sporting career.

At Monash University, we have extended this support to students who are also elite in a performing arts discipline.

Benefits and Services

Faculty Support

There are staff members within each faculty of the University who are aware of the Scheme and able to support members through their course to manage both their sport/discipline and study commitments.

These staff members can provide course planning advice, consider special consideration applications and answer student queries about academic matters.

Student members are encouraged to seek out assistance or support in a timely manner.

Fitness Centre Access

Scheme members are able to apply for a gym membership which provides access to on-campus Monash University sporting facilities, where available.

**Please note that not all campuses have on-campus sporting facilities and this benefit is only eligible to qualifying students based upon your application.

Financial Support

A limited number of the following two types of grants are available each year. Scheme members are able to apply for these grants but not all applications will be successful. Please enquire direct with Team Monash via the contact details below.

Elite Student Performer Grant

The Elite Student Performer Grant supports a student to attend a National or International representative event.
A grant of between $250 - $1000 can be provided specifically for students who need assistance to attend the event and can be used for travel and associated event costs.

Applications open in March with a limited number of these grants are available each year. Successful applicants are determined by a Committee and notified via email. Please email us via the address below to find out more.

World University Representative Travel Grant

A World University Representative Travel Grant supports a current Monash University student who has been selected to represent the University and/or their country at an International University sporting or performance event such as the World University Games, World University Championship, World University League or
Continental University Sport federation level event.

A grant of $250 to $1000 is provided for approved out of pocket competition or performance related expenses that are not covered by sponsorship, external payments or the national selection body responsible for the student’s selection at an eligible event.

Applications open in March with a limited number of these grants are available each year. Successful applicants are determined by a Committee and notified via email. Please email us via the address below to find out more.

Networking and Personal Development Opportunities

Members of the Scheme will have access to invaluable networking and personal development opportunities with other students in the Scheme and key contacts within the University.

Information and Resources

Members will also have access to valuable information and resources to assist them and provide further support and guidance.

Program Effectiveness

This program began in 2004 and feedback since then shows that student participants were more successful in:

  • resolving conflicting study and sporting commitments
  • planning and managing their course workload
  • completing their course

How to apply for the Scheme

  • To apply, please complete this online form AND complete the required supporting documentation for 'new members'.
  • Please note that your application will only be assessed once all required documentation has been submitted.
  • Once your application has been processed, you will be contacted by Team MONASH with more information.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more about this program or have any questions, contact us via email at

Please note this information is current as at July 2019 and is subject to amendment.