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What is the Developmental Behaviour Checklist (DBC)?

The DBC is a suite of instruments for the assessment of behavioural   and emotional problems of children, adolescents and adults with   developmental and intellectual disabilities.

The Developmental   Behaviour Checklist, (DBC), (Einfeld & Tonge, 1992, 1995; 2002) is a   questionnaire which is completed by parents or other primary carers or   teachers, reporting problems over a six month period. Each behavioural   description is scored on a 0, 1, 2 rating where 0 = ‘not true as far  as  you know', 1 = ‘somewhat or sometimes true', and 2 = ‘very true or  often  true'.

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Western Psychological Services (WPS) is now the publisher of the  Developmental Behaviour Checklist (DBC) and all related materials. Until the WPS edition is available we will continue to provide you with prepublication DBC materials. Once  the publisher has finalised and produced the WPS version of the DBC, we  will cease authorizing prepublication uses, and refer all DBC enquiries  to their offices. Information and order forms will be available on the  WPS website in due course. We thank you for your support of the DBC.


The Developmental Behaviour Checklist and associated materials may be  purchased for use by professionals who are trained in the  administration and interpretation of psychological tests.

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