Gillian Singleton

Gillian Singleton

Gillian Singleton

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Masters
  • Degree(s): Master of Public Health

Masters of Public Health

Meet Dr Gillian Singleton, Medical Director of the Cabrini Asylum Seeker and Refugee Health Hub and CEO of In2health. Gillian is a Monash medical alumna and now adds a Master of Public Health (MPH) to her credentials.

“I'm passionate about a number of things, one is the importance of prevention in optimising physical and mental health and the other is social justice and equity. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in a number of roles which enable me to incorporate these interests and to make a difference, as this was the original drive behind my application to study medicine at Monash many years ago.

Undertaking an MPH has been on my ‘to do’ list for a long time. As a GP I’ve spent many years being on the coal face supporting individuals to be happier and healthier, whilst often feeling frustrated recognising the broader social, environmental and policy context that needed to be changed to improve and sustain their health.

The knowledge I gained through my studies has given me a very different perspective on health and the language and confidence to be better equipped to take on new challenges. I also enjoyed being amongst such great company. My fellow students and lecturers came from a huge spectrum of backgrounds and careers which provided such a rich context for discussion and expansion on ideas. As a more mature student, I really appreciated being around like minded people from all over the globe, whose main drive is to change things and make a difference. My LinkedIn network is a lot more interesting than it used to be!

I’m so grateful for the perspective and friendships that my masters has given me. I’ve completely changed the direction of my career in the 5 years since undertaking the MPH and wouldn’t have done this without the knowledge and confidence that come with completing this masters. It was a long road balancing work, family and study but so worth it. Here’s to making a difference!”

Find out more about Gillian’s current roles:

Medical Director, Cabrini Asylum Seeker and Refugee Health Hub

This is a not for profit primary care and specialist mental health clinic, largely philanthropically funded, it is staffed predominantly by pro bono health professionals who volunteer their time on a regular basis to provide essential care to people seeking asylum. Many of the clinic’s clients have been detained in immigration detention in Australia as well as Manus Island and Nauru, with no access to Medicare. They are either unable to or unfit to work, or have no work rights or income support. Many have been living in uncertainty for many years.

“I’m really proud of the work we do delivering care to this vulnerable group of people who are typically fleeing persecution in their countries of origin.”

CEO, In2health

This is a small health-tech start up whose blue sky vision is to improve population health based on the belief that good health should be accessible to all. The way the organisation hopes to achieve this is by engaging and empowering individuals with personalised information and tools to inspire them to make different choices and prioritise good health, before it’s too late. The organisation is in the final phase of building a digital health platform that identifies, tracks and manages risk of the 17 most common physical and mental health conditions.

“All of my epidemiology and biostatistics studies have been paying off through the research required to put together the data for this! A big focus of my MPH was on occupational health, as it is well recognised that an integrated solution to improving public health through engaging employers to share the responsibility to improve health of individuals, is one of the most effective ways to achieve positive outcomes. This recognises the effects, both positive and negative that work can have on our physical and mental health.”

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