Shoeib Moradi

Shoeib Moradi

Shoeib Moradi

  • Student type: International
  • Degree type: PhD
  • Degree(s): Doctor of Philosophy

PhDMed (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

“I have always enjoyed discovering new things, that’s why I love biochemistry and being a researcher. It allows me to search for answers to many unknown events inside the cells of our body”, says Dr Shoeib Moradi, a current Postdoctoral Researcher (PSI-Fellow) at Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland. “Every week I am creating or designing something new to move forward in my research project”.

Shoeib’s research aims to further understand the molecular basis of microtubule structure and dynamics. He uses state of the art molecular biology, protein chemistry and structural biology techniques, including X-ray crystallography, to investigate the molecular mechanisms of protein-protein interactions.

Shoeib became fascinated in protein X-ray crystallography while completing his second Master of Science degree in Canada at the University of Toronto. This technique enables you to see the crystal structures of proteins and observe the shape of the molecule you are dealing with – for Shoeib it is a wonderful combination of ‘Art’ and ‘Science’.

He was eager to explore protein X-ray crystallography and decided to do so through completing a PhD at Monash. Shoeib was drawn to the world renowned lab at Monash University of Professor Jamie Rossjohn. “The research output of Rossjohn’s laboratory is so impressive that it made his lab a dream lab for me” says Shoeib. The proximity to the Australian synchrotron was also of great benefit for data collection as was the high-tech robotic crystallisation facility on campus.

His PhD challenged him in many respects and prepared him well for his career to follow. Shoeib learnt how to present and ‘sell’ his PhD project at conferences and during seminar presentations, how to creatively think about and design new approaches to laboratory experiments and how to better present figures and findings in papers and presentations. Importantly, “I was trained how to write! For that, I am very grateful”, says Shoeib.

Having the chance to travel across continents to complete his postgraduate studies has been an amazing opportunity for Shoeib, who was born in Iran. “From Asia to North America, from Canada to Australia and now I am in Europe for a postdoctoral degree - I could visit most of the world for the sake of science”, he reflects.

Shoeib acknowledges that being an international student is not without its challenges. One of his main concerns towards the end of his PhD was what he would do afterwards. He is very grateful to his supervisors and Monash Postgraduate Association for the support they provided. “In terms of life experience as an international student at Monash University, all staff members were hearing my voice and trying their best to help me whenever I was facing difficulties in my personal or career life. I believe what I experienced in that time helped me to be ready for bigger challenges in my life after my PhD as I learnt how to overcome them. I should note that I am still learning”, he says.

The benefits Shoeib has gained from working and training in different countries and workplaces, and with different colleagues has been immense. It has enabled him to explore new areas of focus in his field, deal with new challenges and ultimately hone in on the topics he most enjoys in his research field to find his specialty.

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