Simon Van Dam

Simon Van Dam

Simon Van Dam

  • Degree type: Honours
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours)

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Simon chose to study occupational therapy at Monash after volunteering at an orphanage in Cambodia where he dedicated himself to assisting young adults with lost limbs. Working alongside an occupational therapist, Simon helped with daily living activities, equipment modification and work readiness programs.  

"This experience made me appreciate the importance and significance of human occupation, and it was refreshing to have finally established a direction that I was passionate about."

Simon believes that the placement opportunities provided, gave him a very well rounded OT experience, and helped steer his career in the right direction. He currently has his own ergonomic equipment business Backcare & Seating and says his OT studies are directly responsible for where he finds himself today.

“Although I am not practicing in the traditional OT sense, the knowledge that the course has provided me with has opened up the opportunity to have my own business in a field that I’m passionate about."

Simon’s core business is responding to referrals and assisting in the optimal design of various new workplaces in offices, schools and hospitals.

"The Bachelor of Occupational Therapy teaches you a way of thinking and holistic approach that can be used to enhance performance across a range of occupations. The course gives you the opportunity to truly contribute to the greater good and improve people’s lives."

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