Thriving communities

Strongly connected to Melbourne but with a global outlook, Monash works with its community of donors to contribute to a thriving city and state.

While much of our work is of global significance, Monash maintains proud roots in its Melbourne home. Diverse people and organisations choose to work with Monash to enrich their communities because our university is deeply embedded in Melbourne and Victoria, and our community-focused projects touch thousands of local lives.

For example, Indigenous Australians have the highest rates of ill health in Australia, and a much shorter life expectancy than non-Indigenous people. An effective strategy to tackle health inequity in Indigenous communities is to increase the Indigenous medical and allied health workforce, an initiative that Monash is deeply committed to through its Growing Indigenous Graduates program.

Monash also supports a culture of embedded collaboration between clinical and research teams, and provides one of the strongest platforms for translational medicine anywhere in Australia. One new facility we are establishing is the Victorian Heart Hospital, which will include the nation’s foremost cardiovascular research institute. As Australia’s first specialist heart hospital, it will provide a platform for fighting the country’s leading cause of death – heart disease.

Nurturing careers in health

The Hands on Health program gives hands-on work experience to high school students from under-represented groups in health professions, such as low socio-economic, Indigenous, refugee or asylum seeker backgrounds.

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