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Our faculty comprises 10 schools, various centres and institutes, each with a unique purpose and focus. We are committed to making maximum impact through an ongoing pursuit of excellence and innovation.

News and research highlights

Image: genetic secrets of cancer

Genetic assets of almost 2700 cancers uncovered

Scientists have revealed the detailed genetic makeup of thousands of cancer samples, yielding new insights into the genes that drive the many and varied forms of the disease.

Cracking the code for hookworm infestation

Image: hookworm

Hookworms infect nearly 700 million people in the world - our researchs have uncovered a key way these pests invade the immune system, providing new hope for a vaccine.

Gene-product therapy a success in cystic fibrosis treatment

Gene-product modulating therapy – which acts on the proteins arising from the gene rather than trying to correct the gene itself – has been attracting considerable scientific attention in recent years.

What exactly is the coronavirus?

Coronavirus infections are grown and crossing geographic borders. But what are they? And should we be worried?

Image: patient in Reviver machine

Motion machine could improve Parkinson's symptoms

We're working with The Alfred to test an innovative new machine that could improve the symptoms of people with Parkinson's Disease, using gravity and movement.

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