Monash-Tel Aviv University (Israel)

A strategic partnership for international leadership in medical and health sciences

Established in 2013, with support from the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University (Victoria) Inc., the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University – Monash University (AFTAM) Awards were set up to encourage research collaborations that combine the expertise of both universities for greater impact, particularly in complementary capabilities and strategic objectives in the following themes:

  • Medical & health sciences
  • Sustainable environments
  • Resilient cultures & communities
  • Social sciences

In expanding our collaboration in the area of medical & health sciences, students in this PhD Student Exchange Program will benefit from co-supervision from both universities, a scholar visit to the collaborating university, a stipend scholarship and a travel bursary.

The exchange program will enable PhD students from each institution to undertake up to 3 months exchange at either Monash or Tel Aviv, depending on the project and training requirements.

Successful Projects

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The primary supervisor will be at the enrolled students host university and the co-supervisor at the collaborating university.


Deciphering the function of small RNA pathways in neuronal development and neurodegeneration.

Monash Supervisor: Associate Professor Roger Pocock
Tel Aviv Supervisor: Associate Professor Oded Rechavi

For more information on this project, contact Associate Professor Roger Pocock.

Exploring the impact of prenatal immune activation on hippocampal neuronal excitability.

Monash Supervisor: Dr Rachel Hill
Tel Aviv Supervisor: Professor Bernard Attali

For more information on this project, contact Dr Rachel Hill.

A real-time biomechanical study of human dentition during the Neolithic Revolution.

Tel Aviv Supervisor: Dr Rachel Sarig
Monash Supervisor: Dr Luca Fiorenza

For more information on this project, contact Dr Rachel Sarig or Dr Luca Fiorenza.


For other enquiries about this PhD Student Exchange Program, contact Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Graduate Research Office

Tel: +61 3 9905 4313