Louise Allen

Louise Allen
PhD Candidate
RTP & Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship Awardee
Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences Education Portfolio

Professor Margaret Hay (Main)
Associate Professor Claire Palermo
Professor Elizabeth Armstrong

Exploring and measuring the impacts of continuing professional development (CPD) programs in the health professions

Broader impacts of continuing professional development

Working as a clinical Dietitian, Louise knew she did not want to work in a hospital setting forever and wanted to hone in on her interests in education and research. Having completed her undergraduate degree at Monash where she has formed strong bonds, she knew Monash would be the perfect place to come back to from her PhD.

“The resources that Monash offers such as the library services, various student spaces, travel grants and the quality of academics are just some of the reasons the research environment is so great.”

Her research focuses on looking at the impact of continuing professional development programs in health care. She is exploring the broader impacts of continuing professional development that goes beyond knowledge, skills and attitudes and looks at the power of networking, collaboration, personal change and much more.

“Since commencing, my supervisors have been phenomenal. Not only do they provide input on my PhD research but they encourage me to attend conferences and courses, promote my research to others.”

“My supervisors give me opportunities to extend my skills outside of my own research.”

Looking ahead, Louise has applied for a Fulbright Scholarship to complete her postdoctoral research in the United States, where she will continue to focus on this area of research.

“I want to be part of shifting healthcare education in the right direction, so that we are training health professionals who can meet our healthcare needs. I believe that this can be done through continuing professional development programs.”