Workforce Programs


This cluster activity ceased in early 2020. The following provides some historical information about the program.

About the Workforce Program - South East Education and Training Cluster

LAMPS (Latrobe Regional Hospital Mental Health Services, Alfred Psychiatry, Monash Health, Peninsula Health Psychiatric Services, Southern Synergy)

In mid-2004 the Victorian DHS Mental Health Branch initiated projects across the State to explore potential advantages in collaborations across broad working groups of mental health services. Southern Synergy carried out the first round of consultation and needs assessment in this cluster leading to a report to DHS in July 2004. This initial needs assessment process developed into the workforce development initiative called South East Education and Training Cluster. The South East Education and Training Cluster includes Monash Health, Alfred Psychiatry at Bayside Health, Peninsula Health Psychiatric Services and Latrobe Regional Hospital Mental Health Services.

Activities of the cluster varied from year to year. The cluster took a project and developmental perspective in most years. Throughout the development of the cluster work plan there has been continued commitment for the establishment of balanced and equitable partnerships between participating agencies. Within the cluster Steering Group, it is acknowledged that participating health services each have particular strengths to contribute to the cluster and that all services have something to gain by this involvement. As a tangible commitment to this principle, leadership of projects is shared across the cluster with each member taking various lead roles.

LAMPS ceased at the end of March, 2020. For the time being we are keeping this page for archival purposes.

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