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Clinical Sciences at Monash Health


"It is a privilege for me to lead this School, in which so many of our students have some of the most formative experiences of their lives. Those first encounters with patients, with disease, with humanity at its most vulnerable - these are things we never forget. We pride ourselves on a culture of inclusiveness, diversity and support, but also on a tradition of great research and clinical excellence. To be able to help all our alumni in the career is an honour, and to observe the achievements of our award-winners is a very rewarding part of it. My very sincere congratulations to the awardees - and I hope to be your colleague in the very near future."

Professor Eric Morand
Head of School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health

Prize winners


The Karen Walker Prize

Awarded to the top academic student in Bachelor of Nutrition Science in Year 3.

Bethany Luo

ABC Blending Work Placement Prize

Awarded to the best project and reflection for NUT3007.

Lisa McWilliam

Simplot Sustainable Food Future Prize

Awarded to the student with the highest overall final grade amongst students who have attended at least 80% lectures and field trips throughout semester.

Georgina Myerscough

Andrea Joy Logan Prize for Student Leadership and Citizenship

Awarded to the final year UG student who best embodies qualities of nutrition leadership and citizenship (both within and outside the course).

Isabel Martin

Andrea Joy Logan Prize

Awarded to the student who receives the highest overall mark for the Honours year.

Stephanie de Zilva

Margaret Niall Prize

Awarded to the highest achieving student graduating from the Master of Dietetics.

Jessica Jong

Dietitians Assoication of Australia Most Outstanding Student

Awarded for high academic achievement together with demonstrated commitment to practice and the profession of nutrition and dietetics.

Emma Hayton

Kerin O'Dea - Travel Award - Commitment to Indigenous Nutrition

Awarded to the student who best meet the criteria of strong scholarship, commitment and leadership in Indigenous Nutrition.

Professor Kerin O'Dea has made major contributions in the areas of medical and nutrition research, to the development of public health policy, and to the community, particularly Indigenous Australians through research into chronic disease and prevention method

Beau Cubillo

Cate Lombard Award

Awarded to the students who have best meet the criteria of tenacity and engagement with course content and learning through the degree and commitment to the principles of social justice, Tenacity, resiliance and commitment to social justice. Associate Professor Lombard was a dietitian/researcher whose
work had a significant impact on how we implement community based obesity prevention and early intervention for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Gabrielle McKenna