Alexis Chua

Alexis Chua

Alexis Chua

  • Student type: International
  • Degree type: Honours
  • Year commenced: 2015
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours)

Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging

“I first arrived in Australia three years ago from a tiny island known as Singapore for my university degree. I always wanted to get a job in the healthcare sector since joining the Singapore Red Cross Society back in high school. I shadowed multiple healthcare professionals before deciding that radiography was the right choice for me.

As there was no radiography degree back in Singapore when I graduated from high school, I looked to Australia for my degree. Amidst other offers, Monash was my first choice due to the engaging curriculum and that this degree is recognised back in Singapore.

The part I enjoy most about studying radiography and medical imaging is the close-knit relationship we have with our peers and lecturers. I feel comfortable approaching my lecturers with questions about our assignments or just clinical questions in general. I also enjoy going on placements where I get to meet with the other qualified radiographers, find out more about their work experiences and the opportunity to learn from them. Having placements from Semester one in first year gives us the chance to know what it feels like to work as a radiographer.

I’ve had the opportunity to be rostered to a wide variety of places for my clinical placements. Coming from Singapore, there is no opportunity for me to be exposed to the rural environment, so being rostered to a rural placement was truly an eye-opening experience for me.  I was also lucky enough to be rostered to a private hospital that specializes in orthopedics and had the opportunity to be exposed to and learnt about new imaging techniques and projections. One of my fondest placement memories was during my rotation in the theatre where I got to witness first-hand the teamwork between various healthcare professionals and how everyone played a role in providing a better health outcome for the patient.

My time at Monash has exposed me to many fields within medical imaging, allowing me to have a better idea of where I would like to take my career even before graduating. I am really interested in trauma and paediatric imaging and hope for the opportunity to further my skills in these areas.”

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