Supplementary Assessment Policy

4. Supplementary unit assessment

The faculty requires Chief  Examiners to be cognisant of the Monash University (Academic Board) Regulations  (Part 3) regarding this issue and which is reproduced below:

In this  section ‘faculty’ means the degree faculty

1) The Board of Examiners of the degree Faculty  may grant a supplementary assessment to a student in respect of a unit of study  if:

a) the student’s  final result in the unit is no more than 5%, or equivalent, below the required  pass figure; and

b) the  student has passed all other units in which the student was enrolled during the  teaching period concerned; and

c) a pass in  the unit of study would complete all academic requirements for the degree or other award or the board of examiners is satisfied that failure in the unit  will significantly impact on the student’s enrolment in the following semester.

2) The Board may waive the  requirement in subregulation 1b in circumstances it regards as exceptional.

3) A student may be granted only one  supplementary assessment in respect of each unit of study and no more than 2 supplementary assessments in respect of one course of study.

4) If the course of study  concerned is a double degree, the board must consult the board of examiners of  the managing faculty before granting a supplementary assessment.

5) A supplementary assessment  must be in the form determined by the chief examiner for the unit of study.

6) The final unit result after a  supplementary assessment is as determined by the board of the degree faculty. However, no more than 50% of the maximum mark for the unit may be awarded.

4.1 Determination by Board of  Examiners regarding the granting of supplementary assessment

4.1.1 In  accordance with Part 3 of the Academic Board Regulations, after each teaching  period the Board of Examiners will consider all students who have failed one  unit with a result of at least 45 in that teaching period to determine whether  they are eligible for supplementary assessment. There is no application  process.

4.1.2 Provided  that the student has not already been granted more than one supplementary  assessment in the current course of study, a student will be granted  supplementary assessment where the failed unit is the final unit required to  complete the requirements for the course in which the student is currently  enrolled

4.1.3 The  Board of Examiners may at its discretion grant a student supplementary  assessment in a unit where the Board considers that failure of the unit will  significantly impact on the student's progress (refer Academic Board  Regulations section Part 3). For the purposes of this section, failing a unit  and having to repeat it at another time is not considered a significant impact  on the student’s progress. Only units that are core units and not offered in a subsequent semester will be considered for supplementary assessment.

4.1.4 In  determining whether to grant supplementary assessment, Part 3 of the Academic  Board Regulations provides the Board of Examiners with discretion to consider  exceptional circumstances. For the purposes of this section of the Regulations, failing a unit and having to repeat it at another time is not considered an  exceptional circumstance.

4.2 Form of supplementary  assessment
The supplementary assessment will take the form appropriate to the part(s) of  the unit assessment that the student failed and must be linked to the unit’s  learning outcomes and at least re-assess all of the objectives failed. The  Chief Examiner will determine the type and method of assessment.

4.3 Outcome of supplementary  assessment

4.3.1 If a  student passes the supplementary assessment task, a mark of 50 will be returned  for the unit.

4.3.2 Where a student fails a supplementary assessment the student must receive the higher of the two results achieved for  the unit.

4.3.3 A supplementary examination is only offered once and there is no provision to defer a supplementary examination. Thus, a  student who fails to sit the supplementary examination will receive a fail mark  for the supplementary assessment task and the original mark for the unit will  stand.

4.3.4 Supplementary assessment is not available for  any component unit of the MNHS Honours Programs.

4.3.5 Units that require all assessment components to be passed must reassess all the objectives covered in the failed assessment  component, unless otherwise specified by the Board of Examiners.

4.3.6 Students will not be offered supplementary assessment if he/she has not passed all other units in which the student has  enrolled during the teaching period concerned, except in circumstances the  board of examiners considers exceptional.

4.3.7 Where a student is enrolled in a single unit and has achieved a result between 45 and 49, they will be deemed eligible for  supplementary assessment.

4.3.8 A student may be granted no more than two  supplementary assessments in respect of one course of study.

4.3.9 Faculty Board of Examiners may offer supplementary assessment in two units in the same teaching period in circumstances where a pass in the units would complete all academic requirements for the degree.

4.3.10 Supplementary assessment may only be granted within a twelve month timeframe. The period is calculated from the time of  result release.