About us

Biochemistry and molecular biology are closely-related disciplines which study the chemical components of living cells, including the genetic material, in order to understand biological processes and how these are altered in disease.

Research and teaching in the department encompasses six broad themes: cell biology, signal transduction, host/pathogen interaction, structural biology, immunology and developmental biology. Our research is highly relevant to major human diseases and pathological processes, including infection, inflammation, diabetes and obesity, developmental and degenerative disorders, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Our Head of Department, Professor Roger Daly, explains our research vision:

‘This is to achieve levels of excellence in research and education that firmly establish us as one of the leading Biochemistry Departments on the world stage.

This will be achieved by establishing ourselves at the forefront of international research in structural and functional biology’.

Consistent with this vision, the Department has been ranked as the premier Department in its discipline since the inception of ARC benchmarking of Australian Departments in 1998.