Our people

Our research and education excellence is a reflection of the people behind it. We have research group leaders who are world experts in their field, in addition to many talented researchers, educators and postgraduate students.

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department leadership

Head of DepartmentProfessor Roger Daly
T: +61 3 9902 9301
E: roger.daly@monash.edu
W: Daly Laboratory
Personal Assistant to Head of DepartmentIco Ma
T: +61 3 990 29350
E: ico.ma@monash.edu
Executive Assistant to Head of DepartmentSandrine Liu
T: +61 3 990 29181
E: sandrine.liu@monash.edu
Deputy Head of Department (Academic)Professor Timothy Cole
T: +61 3 9902 9118
E: tim.cole@monash.edu
W: Cole Laboratory
Deputy Head of Department (Research)Professor Anthony Purcell
T: +61 3 9902 9265
E: anthony.purcell@monash.edu
W: Purcell Laboratory
Department Lead for Research Career StrategyProfessor Kim Good-Jacobson
T: +61 3 990 29510
E: kim.jacobson@monash.edu
W: Jacobson Laboratory
Heads of Learning and Teaching

Professor Tim Cole
T: +61 3 9902 9118
E: tim.cole@monash.edu
W: Cole Laboratory

Dr Nirma Samarawickrema
T: +61 3 9902 0295
E: nirma.samarawickrema@monash.edu

Professor Jackie Wilce
T: +61 3 9902 9226
E: jackie.wilce@monash.edu
W: Wilce Laboratory

Graduate research Co-ordinatorProfessor Mibel Aguilar
T: +61 3 9905 3723
E: mibel.aguilar@monash.edu
W: Aguilar Laboratory
Honours Co-convenorAssociate Professor Michelle Dunstone
T: +61 3 9902 9269
E: michell.dunstone@monash.edu
W: Dustone Laboratory
Honours Co-convenorDr Patricia Illing
T: +61 3 99029373
E: patricia.illing@monash.edu
Department Career Development CommitteeProfessor Kim Good-Jacobson (co-chair)
Associate Professor Andrew Ellisdon (co-chair)
Associate Professor Lee Wong
Associate Professor Lan Nguyen
Dr. Patricia Illing
Dr. Qi Zhang
Dr. Nathan Croft
Dr. Pirooz Zareie.


Our academic and research staff

Our Lab Heads and Group Leaders are listed below. The lab information (click on the links to visit their laboratory websites) showcases the incredible research each of them are doing.

Name Lab information Program membership
Professor Mibel Aguilar Aguilar Laboratory

Biomaterials and drug design

Cardiovascular Disease; Neuroscience
Associate Professor Traude Beilharz Beilharz Laboratory

RNA systems biology

Development & Stem Cells; Cancer; Infection
Professor Phillip BirdBird Laboratory

Cell Development and Death

Development & Stem Cells, Immunity
Dr Peter Boag Boag Laboratory

Developmental and RNA biology

Development & Stem Cells
Professor Greg Challis Challis Laboratory

Natural products chemistry and biology

Dr Michael Chopin Chopin Laboratory

Dendritic cell transcriptional regulation

Cancer; Immunity
Professor Timothy Cole Cole Laboratory

Molecular endocrinology

Development & Stem Cells; Cancer
Associate Professor Fasseli Coulibaly Coulibaly Laboratory

Structural virology

Infection; Immunity
Dr Nathan Croft Croft Laboratory

Systems immunology group

Associate Professor Max Cryle Cryle Laboratory

Reengineering glycopeptide antibiotics

Infection; Immunity
Professor Roger Daly Daly Laboratory

Signalling network

Dr Martin Davey Davey Laboratory

Immune surveillance

Associate Professor Chen Davidovich Epigenetic regulation, structure and function laboratory Cancer
Associate Professor Alex de Marco De Marco Laboratory

Imaging and technology development

Dr Dominic De NardoDe Nardo Group

Innate Immune Signalling Group

Associate Professor Michelle Dunstone Dunstone Laboratory

Pore forming proteins and immunity

Immunity; Cancer; Development & Stem Cells
Dr Andrew Ellisdon Ellisdon Laboratory

Structural biology of signalling and cancer

Cancer; Immunity
Dr Dustin FlanaganFlanagan Laboratory

Cell Competition and Niche Signalling

Dr Anne Fletcher Fletcher & Knoblich Laboratory

Stromal immunology

Professor Kim Good-Jacobson Jacobson Laboratory

B cells, Antibody, Memory

Professor Nicole La Gruta La Gruta Laboratory

CD8+ T cell immunity and ageing

Professor Nicholas Huntington Huntington Laboratory

Cancer immunotherapy

Immunity; Cancer
Dr Patricia Illing  
Professor David Jans Jans Laboratory

Nuclear signalling

Infection; Cancer; Development & Stem Cells
Dr Gavin KnottKnott Lab

Structure & Function of Nucleic
Acid Sensors

Dr Terry Kwok-Schuelein Kwok Schuelein Laboratory

Microbial oncogenesis

Infection; Cancer
Associate Professor Mireille Lahoud Lahoud Laboratory

Dendritic cell receptors

Immunity; Cancer
Dr Ruby Law Law Laboratory

Fibrinolysis and wound healing

Immunity; Cardiovascular Disease
Dr Michael Lazarou Lazarou Laboratory

Autophagy and mitochondrial quality control

Neuroscience; Immunity; Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity
Dr Jerome Le Nours Le Nours Laboratory

Comparative immunology

Dr Nicole Mifsud Mifsud Laboratory

Clinical immunology

Professor Christina Mitchell Intracellular signalling in development, cancer and human disease Cancer
Associate Professor Thomas Naderer Naderer Laboratory

Macrophage-pathogen interaction

Infection; Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity
Dr Lan Nguyen Nguyen Laboratory

Integrated network modelling

Associate Professor Meredith O'Keeffe O'Keeffe Laboratory

Dendritic cells in health and disease research group

Immunity; Cancer
Dr Antonella Papa Papa Laboratory

Cancer biology and cell signalling

Cancer; Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity; Neuroscience
Professor Anthony Purcell Purcell Laboratory


Immunity; Cancer
Associate Professor Georg Ramm Ramm Laboratory

Advanced cellular imaging

Cancer; Immunity; Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity
Dr Hugh Reid   Immunity
Dr Adam Rose Rose Laboratory

Nutrient metabolism and signalling

Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity; Development & Stem Cells
Associate Professor Sefi Rosenbluh Rosenbluh Laboratory

Cancer functional genomics

Professor Jamie Rossjohn Infection and immunity laboratory Immunity; Cancer
Professor Mike Ryan Ryan Laboratory

Mitochondrial biology and disease

Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity; Neuroscience
Dr Hsin-Hui Shen Shen Laboratory

Nano-antimicrobial materials

Associate Professor Jiangning Song Song Laboratory

Bioinformatics and computational biomedicine

Infection; Cancer
Professor Martin Stone Stone Laboratory

Chemokine-receptor interaction

Immunity; Cardiovascular Disease
Professor Tony Tiganis Tiganis Laboratory

Cellular signalling & human disease
Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity; Cancer; Immunity
Professor Ana Traven Traven Laboratory

Fungal infections and medical mycology

Dr Kylie Wagstaff Wagstaff Laboratory

Cancer targeting and nuclear therapeutics

Cancer; Infection
Professor James Whisstock Whisstock Laboratory

Molecular imaging of the immune response

Infection; Cancer; Neuroscience
Dr Florian Wiede  Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity
Professor Jackie Wilce Jackie and Matthew Wilce Laboratory

Wilce structural biology

Cancer; Immunity; Neuroscience
Professor Matthew Wilce Jackie and Matthew Wilce Laboratory

Wilce structural biology

Associate Professor Lee Wong Lee Wong Laboratory

Epigenetics and chromatin research

Cancer; Development & Stem Cells
Professor Colby Zaph Zaph Laboratory

Laboratory of mucosal immunity and inflammation

Immunity; Cancer; Development & Stem Cells
Dr Qi Zhang  


Our education-focussed academics

Name Area of research
Dr Nirma SamarawickremaTeaching-research nexus, Authentic assessments, Assessment literacy
Dr Caroline SpeedInnovative approaches to assessment, Broadening learning experiences
Dr Nathan Habilla 
Dr April Tan