Our people

Our research and education excellence is a reflection of the people behind it. We have research group leaders who are world experts in their field, in addition to many talented researchers, educators and postgraduate students.

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Physiology Department leadership

Head of DepartmentProfessor Michael Cowley
T: +61 3 9905 2526
E: michael.cowley@monash.edu
W: Cowley Laboratory
Personal Assistant to the Head of DepartmentMandy Curd
T: +61 3 990 52062
E: mandy.curd@monash.edu
Deputy Head of DepartmentProfessor Marcello Rosa
T:+61 3 9905 2522
E: marcello.rosa@monash.edu
W: Rosa Laboratory
Head of Teaching and LearningProfessor Julia Choate
T: +61 3 9905 2562
E: julia.choate@monash.edu
Honours Co-convenorAssociate Professor Siew Chai
T: +61 3 9905 2515
E: siew.chai@monash.edu
W: Chai Laboratory
Honours Co-convenorAssociate Professor Nicholas Price
T: +61 3 9905 5131
E: nicholas.price@monash.edu
W: Price Laboratory
Master of Biomedical Health Science ConvenorProfessor Ramesh Rajan
T: +61 3 9905 2525
E: ramesh.rajan@monash.edu
W: Rajan Laboratory
Graduate Research Co-ordinatorDr Belinda Henry
T: +61 3 9905 2500
E: belinda.henry@monash.edu
W: Henry Laboratory


Our academic and research staff

Our Lab Heads and Group Leaders are listed below. The lab information (click on the links to visit their laboratory websites) showcases the incredible research each of them are doing.

Name Lab information Program membership
Professor Zane Andrews Andrews Laboratory

Neural Control of Energy Homeostasis

Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity; Neuroscience
Dr Kirsten Bubb  Cardiovascular Disease
Professor Julia Choate   Development & Stem Cells
Professor Michael Cowley Cowley Laboratory

Metabolic neurophysiology

Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity; Cardiovascular Disease; Neuroscience
Associate Professor Siew Chai Chai Laboratory

Insulin-regulated aminopeptidase (IRAP)

Neuroscience; Cardiovascular Disease; Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity
Dr Katrina Mirabito Colafella Mirabito Colafella Laboratory

Molecular and integrative mechanisms of vascular biology

Cardiovascular Disease
Professor Kate Denton Denton Laboratory

Hypertension research

Cardiovascular Disease; Development & Stem Cells; Neuroscience
Associate Professor Bradley Edwards Edwards Laboratory

Sleep disorders research

Dr Claire Foldi Foldi Laboratory

Anorexia and feeding disorders group

Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity; Neuroscience
Dr Maureen HaganHagan Group

Neural mechanisms of visual behaviour and cognition

Associate Professor Craig Harrison Harrison and Walton Laboratory

Growth factor therapeutics

Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity; Development & Stem Cells
Dr Belinda Henry Henry Laboratory

Metabolic neuroendocrinology

Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity
Associate Professor Wendy Imlach Imlach Laboratory

Pain mechanisms

Dr Sarah Lockie Lockie Laboratory

Appetite & behavioural control group

Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity
Associate Professor Farshad Mansouri Mansouri Laboratory

Cognitive neuroscience

Dr Steven Miller Miller Laboratory

Perceptual and clinical neuroscience

Professor Brian Oldfield Oldfield Laboratory

Metabolic neuroscience

Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity; Neuroscience
Professor Helena Parkington   Neuroscience; Cardiovascular Disease; Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity
Associate Professor Nicholas Price Price Laboratory

Neural coding for perception

Professor Ramesh Rajan Rajan Laboratory

Sensory information and the brain

Neuroscience; Cardiovascular Disease
Dr Remy Robert Robert Laboratory

Therapeutic antibodies for inflammation

Professor Marcello Rosa Rosa Laboratory

Structure, function and plasticity of the cerebral cortex

Dr Tatsuo Sato   Neuroscience
Dr Stephanie Simonds Simonds Laboratory

Integrated physiology

Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity
Professor David Spanswick Spanswick Laboratory

Obesity and metabolic neurophysiology

Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity; Neuroscience
Dr Romana Stark Stark Laboratory

Brain glucose regulation group

Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity
Dr Aneta Stefanidis Gut-brain signalling group Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity
Professor Renea Taylor Prostate cancer research group

Prostate cancer research

Cancer; Development & Stem Cells; Metabolism, Diabetes & Obesity
Associate Professor Yan Wong Yan Wong Laboratory

Neurobionics - developing neural prostheses

Dr Elizabeth Zavitz  


Our education focussed academics

Name Area of research
Dr Simone Carron 
Associate Professor Julia Choate Work Integrated Learning (WIL), Embedding professional development in the curriculum, assessment
Dr Lucinda Krause 
Dr Michael Leung