Department research

Our internationally-renowned researchers are each members of one or more of the Institute's Discovery Programs: Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Development and Stem Cells, Infection and Immunity, Metabolism, Diabetes and Obesity, and Neuroscience.

Research in the department encompasses six broad themes:

  • cell biology
  • signal transduction
  • host/pathogen interaction
  • structural biology
  • immunology and
  • developmental biology.

Our research is highly relevant to major human diseases and pathological processes, including infection, inflammation, diabetes and obesity, developmental and degenerative disorders, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Our researchers publish in highly influential journals as evidenced by an average impact factor for Departmental publications in 2019 of over 8. This outstanding achievement places us ahead of, or on par with, the leading independent research institutes in Australia. Importantly, 59 publications have an Impact Factor of greater than 10, and of these nearly half have Departmental researchers as first or senior authors, indicating that we are leading a high proportion of this outstanding research.

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