Department research

Our internationally-renowned researchers are each members of one or more of the Institute's Discovery Programs, and between them are members of the Cardiovascular Disease, Development and Stem Cells, Metabolism, Diabetes and Obesity, and Neuroscience Discovery Programs.

Our Department-specific expertise covers all aspects of Pharmacology, from both laboratory- and theoretical- perspectives. Essentially, we study the effects of drugs and chemicals on living organisms (pharmacodynamics) which also takes into account the body’s effects on such drugs (pharmacokinetics).

These principles are put into action by studying cellular and molecular pharmacology, through to integrative whole-of-body responses, in health and disease. The main research laboratories within the Department of Pharmacology that underpin the above pharmacological principles are:

  • Cardiovascular and pulmonary pharmacology
  • Fibrosis
  • Integrative cardiovascular pharmacology
  • Kidney regeneration and stem cells
  • Macro therapeutics
  • Respiratory pharmacology
  • Venoms and toxins
  • Education research

Within these research groups, we study the impact of damage caused to major organs by hypertension, stroke, heart failure, renal failure, diabetes, respiratory disease or poor diet with a view to identifying key underlying inflammatory and fibrotic pathways. Novel drugs, including venoms and stem cell treatments, are enabled by our additional chemistry and drug delivery expertise.

The research leaders of these research groups collaborate with colleagues within the department and across various BDI Programs, as well as with external parties (both nationally and internationally), many of whom are clinicians that provide important translational research opportunities. The Department also trains 4th year Honours, Masters and PhD students which collectively provides a vibrant mix of eager curiosity and sage mentorship.

Find out more about each of the Lab Heads and Group Leaders in the Department of Pharmacology and the incredible research that they are undertaking. Check out their websites and book yourself in for a visit.

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