About us

The Department of Pharmacology is internationally recognised for its strength in research and teaching. We contribute to Monash’s stellar world ranking in Pharmacy and Pharmacology and our educators win coveted Faculty and University-wide excellence awards.

Are you interested in reducing the large burden of disease that we currently face? Come and join us and make a difference by discovering new drug targets and medicines in areas where treatments are lacking and hence there is a large unmet clinical need for better therapies. We have a number of high performing laboratory-based research groups which attract highly-competitive research funding from government bodies and the commercial sector.

As a general overview, many of our research activities are focused on discovering treatments for organ damage driven by diseases that affect the heart, kidneys, lungs and brain, as well as understanding the underlying signalling pathways that contribute to a drug’s mechanism(s) of action. Then we also find clever ways of delivering drugs and stem cells using novel biomaterial drug delivery platforms.

Collectively, we aim to disrupt current thinking and provide novel drug and cell-based paradigms to treat, for example, many cardio-renal-respiratory diseases related to extracellular matrix dysregulation (fibrosis) and inflammation. Additional key strengths are in stroke and venom research that also have important cardiovascular and neural impacts, together with Education-based pharmacology research that aims to enhance student engagement.

A main strength of the Department is the unified philosophy of our academic educators and research leaders, which is to make a difference to our undergraduate and higher degree students studying pharmacology across all courses including Biomedical Science, Science and Medicine. In this way, our highly skilled research students become the early career researchers of tomorrow and the knowledge life cycle continues and facilitates new fundamental research and drug discoveries.