John Carroll

Professor John Carroll

Dean of the Sub-Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

As Foundation Dean of the Sub-Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, Professor John Carroll provides leadership to over 120 research teams to tackle the big questions in biomedical science, driving research discoveries and translation through collaboration.

A passionate champion of biomedical research, John is a globally-recognised expert on female reproduction, infertility and oocyte (egg) and embryo development. His research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of oocyte development, maturation and fertilization in mammals, with a view to improve fertility and prevent miscarriage. In 2018, John presented to an Australian Senate Select Committee advocating for legislative change, so babies in Australia do not suffer with mitochondrial disease. John’s work has been published in leading journals, including Nature Cell Biology, Science, Developmental Cell, Development and Journal of Cell Biology.

Alongside this role at Dean of the Sub-Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, John is the Director of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI), one of Australia’s largest biomedical research institutes, focused on finding solutions for global health issues. John continues to help influence a thriving, gender-equitable research sector as Chair of Monash Athena SWAN committee. John also holds positions on the EMBL Australian Council and the Reproductive Health Australia steering group.

Prior to joining Monash in 2012, John held academic positions at University College London (UCL), including Head of Physiology and Associate Dean and Director of the Division of Biosciences.

John holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Queensland and a PhD from the University of Adelaide.


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