Gareth Marley

Gareth Marley

Gareth Marley

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Masters
  • Degree(s): Master of Social Work

Master of Social Work

After studying education and science,Gareth Marley discovered that being a science teacher was not the right career for him. To complement all the theory and research he completed in his undergraduate degree, Gareth decided to enrol in the Master of Social Work program at Monash University. He enjoyed the practical components of the course and for Gareth, completing case studies and working with the actors was interesting and helped to develop the skills he uses as a social worker at Latrobe Regional Hospital today.

While studying social work Gareth deliberately opted for a rural placement to gain more hands-on experience with a smaller team.

“I volunteered for a regional placement, knowing that there were more job opportunities there when I graduated. Plus, I liked the idea of working in a regional area, working in a smaller, more close-knit team. During placement I found that the social work team was very supportive and interested in my career development. They also encouraged me to apply for work at the hospital if a position became available in the future.”

On top of learning about different career options in the field of social work, the placements at Monash equipped Gareth with the language used within the profession and further developed his interviewing and therapeutic skills. Completing a regional social work placement  also provided a great opportunity to learn from a different array of experiences that students may not get in a metropolitan-based placement.

“The university was very helpful with my placement, providing and covering the cost of accommodation - which is one of the biggest barriers to completing regional placements. There are a lot more opportunities in regional areas. In comparison to my first placement, I felt more involved in the day to day working of the social work department and more connected to the multidisciplinary team.”

While still in the early stages of his career, Gareth would like to explore more of the role that social work plays within the healthcare system and in the future, wants to develop his counselling skills further and be involved in hospital and healthcare policy.