Jackson Heilberg

Jackson Heilberg

Jackson Heilberg

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Degree
  • Year commenced: 2017
  • Degree(s): Master of Nursing Practice

Master of Nursing Practice

I first completed an Arts/Science double-degree at Monash. During this time, I studied at Monash Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur on intercampus exchange and even did an intensive summer semester studying Comparative Criminology with Monash in San Francisco. Monash gave me the desire to explore the world and become a more global citizen.

While studying, I volunteered with St John Ambulance at major events and saw the medical team provide more advanced care. Nurses played a central role, and many had very advanced clinical skills and became my role models. After some consideration, a degree in nursing ticked all the boxes, as it would allow me to travel Australia and the world, help save lives, and there are endless career options. I got into nursing through Monash’s Master of Nursing Practice, a graduate entry course for those with degrees already. I chose Monash due to reputation, networks with major hospitals including the one I now work at, and my experiences as an undergraduate student. I completed my program with an Australian Defence Force University Sponsorship, and am now a Nursing Officer in the Australian Army.

My highlight as a student was a placement at the Alfred Hospital’s trauma ward, which is where I ended up getting a job after I graduated. I experienced nursing at its finest and was taught by extremely switched on, competent educators. I was exposed to looking after very complex and sick patients who had traumatic injuries. You would sometimes see a news report about an attack or car crash and then see that person the next day on placement.

I have just finished 12 months as a registered nurse at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne and now work at Monash Health in the Emergency Department. I also started a platform in 2019 known as The Nurse Break, which is now one of Australia’s largest nursing websites with more than 250 health professionals writing for me. I realised there wasn't a good platform for nurses or other health care professionals and students to learn from others in a peer-to-peer way, so I decided to start getting health care professionals to share their experiences and knowledge. With more than 6000 followers on social media and a social media reach of now over 500,000, it has become a gratifying experience.

My long-term goal is to see where my military career takes me, become a humanitarian nurse and flight nurse. I also have a strong passion for education and leadership. In five years, time from right now? Who knows! But knowing me I’ll probably be completing further education at Monash to assist in these goals or travelling through a random country in the world!

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