Jordan Kane

Jordan Kane

Jordan Kane

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: PhD
  • Degree(s): Doctor of Philosophy

Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours), PhD (Regenerative Medicine), Graduate Certificate of Research Commercialisation

“There's a big transition from the lab to the commercial world: Anticipate the needs of those around you, only say what adds value, under promise, over deliver, keep to the commercial priority and be concise. Master those and you'll be rewarded with many career paths specialising in some part of bringing new medicines to market to improve patients' lives.”

Dr Jordan Kane is a Strategic Partnerships Consultant at IQVIA, a global provider of human clinical trials and market insights to the pharmaceutical industry.

His team is small and specialised, providing consulting solutions for IQVIA’s strategic domestic business partners, critical to its commercial insights businesses. His team also identifies and develops opportunities to support the industry by linking and commercialising data in new ways.

“IQVIA provides opportunities to work on projects across the full life cycle of pharmaceutical development for almost all pharmaceutical and biotech companies. It gives me exposure to broad networks of global expertise as well as data across all segments of health science which I leverage to create commercial insights for our clients.”

Jordan was drawn to study biomedical sciences at Monash because of its reputation as a global leader in human embryonic stem cell research - an exciting new frontier in ethics, medicine commercialisation and biological discovery.

He credits his biomedical science degree and postgraduate studies for giving him exposure to ambitious and rigorous thinkers from a range of fields. “It provided opportunities to challenge myself with complex problems important to the world, reflect on my interests and strengths, and give me confidence to tackle difficult challenges.”

This was strongly reflected in Jordan’s approach to pursuing the career he wanted in biotech commercialisation. “I did everything I could to find opportunities to move towards a commercialisation role. I went to biotech events, asked anyone I could reach out to for industry contacts, followed up those contacts and showed them my comprehension and enthusiasm for biotechnology commercialisation. I attended every networking function I could and volunteered wherever there was a good opportunity to build my network and learn about biotechnology commercialisation.”

Crucial to Jordan’s entry into the field was a relationship he established with a highly commercial former law firm partner, through his attendance of investor briefings. “I helped him understand biotechnology to facilitate creating transactions around failed ASX listed biotech stocks. It was stressful and 100% commission, but opened my eyes to the commercial translation process for scientific discoveries. This also gave me a lot of credibility in taking my next step into the licensing team at CSL Ltd and then as a business consultant to Cell Therapies Pty Ltd at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.”

Prior to his current role at IQVIA, Jordan worked as a consultant in a range of roles supporting the commercial development of therapeutics across their full life cycle. This included working on invention disclosures, capital raising, drug product profile development, licensing and market access.

When he is not working, Jordan enjoys swimming, walking, seeing movies and reading, “but as I've settled down with my beautiful wife and brought our daughter into the world, I've found myself expressing my emotions a lot more through cooking, drinking and singing with those around me, and also indulging when I can in the serenity of bird watching.”

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