Keera Weise

Keera Weise

Keera Weise

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Degree
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Health Sciences

Bachelor of Health Science

As a Social Planner in Local Government, Bachelor of Health Sciences graduate Keera Weise did not always envision public policy as a career pathway for her.

Having been encouraged to apply for an internship at the Australian Health Policy Collaboration, Keera was drawn to the way policy can be used to tackle systemic health inequality. After six months of her internship, she was offered a role as a policy officer.

In her current role, Keera looks after the Municipal Health and Wellbeing Plan and, on a day-to-day basis, monitors population health trends, identifies priorities and works across the organisation to deliver health promotion responses to support greater health equity in the region.

The broad scope of the degree as well as the support from academics with extensive industry experience and the ability to bridge the gap between academia and the workforce, has equipped her with the “tools to examine real life population health challenges and be adaptive to emerging trends”.

“Working in local government, you are required to have a broad understanding of the discipline as you work with a diverse range of stakeholders,” she said.

“The Bachelor of Health Science provided me with a strong foundation to work across the broad area of public health as it provides you with the core skills and theory, as well as supporting an understanding of the current systemic health challenges facing us locally and overseas.”

Notably, the diversity of subjects, electives and “opportunities offered at Monash are almost like a ‘choose your own adventure’".

"You can really tailor your degree to what sparks your passion along the way,” she said.

Growing up in country Victoria, Keera always wanted to move to Melbourne and follow in her sister’s footsteps, who was also studying at Monash.

“I got a good friendly vibe from the campus. It always felt like Monash was going to be the right fit for me,” she recalls.

During her time at Monash, Keera was involved in some memorable and impactful experiences.

She was part of the Vice Chancellor’s Ancora Imparo Leadership program and the School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine research internship at The Alfred before completing her final semester at Monash Malaysia.

She was also the Vice-president of the Health Science society and represented Monash during the student arm of the World Congress of Public Health.


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