Sumbul Ishtiaq

Sumbul Ishtiaq

Sumbul Ishtiaq

  • Student type: International
  • Degree type: Masters
  • Degree(s): Master of Health Services Management

Master of Health Services Management

Sumbul Ishtiaq completed her Master of Health Services Management at Monash in 2014. She currently works at Novartis Pharma (Pakistan) Ltd as the Novartis Country Quality Head in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Reflecting on her decision to study at Monash, she was attracted to this course as it provided her with essential skills required for leadership and strategic planning. These skill sets include evidence-based decision making, program planning, health needs assessment as well as communication and negotiation.

“The course is comprehensive to broaden knowledge, acquire an internationally informed experience and skill sets in the management of health services broadly.”

After completing her studies, Sumbul returned home to Pakistan, where she found herself better equipped to work on organisational systems and proactive risk management, development and implementation of governance structures through strong quality management systems, from the experience and knowledge she acquired during the course.

“Each day, my current role brings a new challenge which I tackle using my experiences, skills and knowledge learnt at Monash. A solutions-oriented approach has led me to great success in my career. I have been able to implement an effective Quality Management system. I have led the organisation with a predictive and proactive compliance direction and a patient-centric approach which is at the core of all we do.”

“Apart from this, I have played a significant role in implementing the risk management systems that work to identify the risks proactively and mitigate them. These are not only through audits and quality risk assessments but also through effective regular self-inspections. We became the benchmark among the pharmaceutical industry in Pakistan to implement this kind of corporate level Quality Management System.”

Sumbul enjoyed the hybrid learning model of the course which kept her engaged and enthusiastic to learn more. Through hybrid learning, coursework, and open discussions with students from different fields of practice and cultural backgrounds, Sumbul was able to broaden her knowledge and problem-solving skills. “This has enabled me to be a diversified leader for broader healthcare organisations, such as pharmaceuticals, hospital management, corporate, research and NGOs.”

“Being able to study abroad is great learning in itself. It tests your patience, strength, exposes your weaknesses and makes you more self-aware.”

For anyone interested in studying the Master of Health Services Management, Sumbul says “be tolerant, be a learner, practice learning and unlearning frequently with an open mindset. This approach will enable you to stand out, be a humble and helpful human being, which is what is needed most in today’s workforce.”

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