Yanhe Liu

Yanhe Liu

Yanhe Liu

  • Student type: International
  • Degree type: Masters
  • Degree(s): Master of Clinical Embryology

Master of Clinical Embryology

When Yanhe started his career as an embryologist at a Chinese IVF centre in 2002, there were very few universities around the world offering such a specialised Master’s course in Clinical Embryology.

“Clinical embryology is currently still considered a new field of science, but Monash, who achieved the world’s first IVF pregnancy, is undoubtedly the pioneer of it.” So deciding to undertake his Master’s at Monash to be, as Yanhe describes, “systematically trained by the best educator in this area”, was a straightforward decision for him.

One highlight of his course was a week he spent visiting two Australian IVF clinics. This gave Yanhe the opportunity to speak face to face with different embryologists, both junior and senior, with a variety of experiences working in real-life IVF laboratories. Also the diversity of laboratory setup and management styles really broadened his understanding of clinical embryology practice.

Yanhe also really appreciated the ethics module in this course. “I used to concentrate more on the technical components of embryology, and had seldom considered the ethical component until my MCE study.” However now Yanhe keeps ethical issues front of mind in the laboratory. “I have learned to respect what we are looking after and always think twice about the long term consequences prior to any additional manipulation on the embryos.”

After his graduation in 2009, Yanhe worked at Fertility North in Perth as an embryologist and later went on to complete a PhD on a part-time basis. In 2016 he became Scientific Director and later also took on a position as Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Edith Cowan University.

In late 2017, Yanhe returned to China for family reasons and became the IVF Scientific Director at United Family Healthcare.

Looking back at his past 10 years, Yanhe says, “I couldn’t be more grateful to Monash for opening the gate of my career as an embryologist in Australia and worldwide”.

“My Monash experience really refreshed my understanding of Clinical Embryology after the lessons delivered by a group of world class experts. More importantly, through such systematic training and further development of critical thinking skills, my ability to ask interesting questions kept growing, which in my opinion is essential to become a real scientist.”

“This in turn heavily aided my subsequent PhD study in time-lapse embryo selection, a new technology introduced into IVF laboratories aiming to improve embryo selection. All the gains from my Monash study have significantly increased my competitiveness in my job seeking and promotions along my entire career.”

“I have always been proud to be one of the MCE graduates. You could never overestimate the benefits gained through your study and its positive influence on your subsequent journey, either as an embryologist or PhD student.”

His advice for current students is to “cherish your time at MCE and make the most of every minute, because the source of knowledge here is far more plentiful than you could imagine.”

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