Doctor What? Doctor Where? podcast looks at combining parenthood and medicine

The twentieth episode of the Doctor What? Doctor Where? Stories of Rural Medicine podcast - Wearing Two Hats: Combining Parenthood and Medicine - is now available.

Juggling a career in medicine and raising kids is tough, but it can be done!

In this episode you'll hear from parents who have had children at all different stages of their journey through medicine, from medical school all the way to fellowship exams.

Episode guests

  • Amanda Windahl, 4C Student at Monash Rural Health in Gippsland
  • Dr Maddie Jones, Senior Emergency Registrar at Bendigo Health
  • Dr Carl Barker, GP Trainee in Central Victoria

Episode resources

  • Victorian Doctors Health Program - free, confidential service for doctors and medical students
  • Drs4Drs -promotes the health and wellbeing of doctors and medical students across Australia
  • For more information about the study and training opportunities across regional Victoria, head to
  • The North West Victoria and Gippsland Regional Training Hubs have commissioned this podcast to help medical students and junior doctors learn more about training and practicing medicine in regional Australia. Find your nearest Regional Training Hub.

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The Doctor What? Doctor Where? Stories of Rural Medicine podcast is produced by Monash Rural Health’s Regional Training Hubs and funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health, Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training Program.