Kushan De Silva

Kushan De Silva
PhD Candidate
Monash Scholarship Awardee 
Department of General Practice, Monash Primary & Allied Health Care

Dr Joanne Enticott (Main)
Professor Andrew Forbes

Determinants and patterns of hospital admissions among patients with chronic disease

Making the move from Sri Lanka to Melbourne to start his PhD journey has been a smooth transition for Kushan. After having received multiple offers from other universities, Kushan chose Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences for its great reputation and ability to carry out cutting-edge research.

Development of an AI-based clinical decision support system for major chronic disease diagnosis

Kushan’s research explores the application of artificial intelligence (AI) based predictive analytics to understand the determinants and patterns of major chronic diseases in Australia. Using big data platforms to build and validate prediction models, his research will ultimately produce a prototype that will guide the development of an AI-based clinical decision support system for major chronic disease diagnosis.

Reflecting on what he enjoys most about his PhD journey, Kushan says,

“It’s easy to make connections with like-minded researchers. You also receive lots of support and expert guidance from supervisors.”

Since starting his PhD, he has already had the opportunity to submit a publication whilst also working on three more manuscripts simultaneously. He has also successfully presented two poster presentations at the Australasian Association of Academic Primary Care (AAAPC) conference in Adelaide.

For anyone wishing to pursue a PhD, Kushan’s advise is to start early. “Commencing a PhD at Monash is a rewarding experience that will undoubtedly open up ample career opportunities for you.

On the topic of his favourite things about living in Melbourne, Kushan says "Melbourne is a vibrant city and hosts an abundance of cultural events. I could never be bored here and find something interesting and exciting unravelling any time of the year."

“Melbourne has been named the most liveable city in the world several times. It is home to many diverse communities and cultures.”

"I always enjoy travelling around and exploring this city whenever I can.”