Evidence-based Women’s Health Care

Much medical practice around the world is conducted without evidence that interventions are beneficial to the patient and will not cause harm. This group aims to develop evidence on the effectiveness of all medical interventions in this area, preferably through large collaborations in randomised clinical trials, to provide insight on the available evidence tailored to the individual patient for both patients and doctors. To achieve this, international collaboration through coordination of research agendas for clinical and basic research, and the establishment of guidelines is essential.

Professor Ben Mol’s research group includes experts in clinical obstetrics, epidemiology, oncology, biostatistics and meta-analysis. The team aims to involve young people, create large datasets and initiate international collaboration.

Meet the team


Other staff and students

Research Midwives

  • Jane Donaldson
  • Ma'ayan Geffen
  • Ebony LaPosta

Clinical Researchers

  • Heather Ford
  • Holly Giles-Clark
  • Kelly Hughes
  • Maddy Jones
  • Shimona Lai
  • Ayesha Rahim

PhD Students

  • Vanessa di Bartolomeo
  • Kelly Hughes
  • Dr Sarah Hunt
  • Georgina James
  • Michael Tanner
  • Ritesh Warty

BBioMedSc Student

  • Maria Mazi
  • Saffia Phipps-Booth

BMedSc(Hons) Students

  • Adya Choudary
  • Anisija Gilian
  • Vinitha Narasimha
  • Morgan Peel
  • Carine Wessels

Master of Reproductive Sciences

  • Elizabeth Cutting