Jack Scott

Jack Scott

Jack Scott

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Masters
  • Degree(s): Master of Biomedical and Health Science

Master of Biomedical and Health Science

From a young age I’ve held an interest in neuroscience. I’m fascinated with the complexity of the human mind and how our thoughts, emotions, and instincts are physically manifested in our brains.

After graduating with a science degree, I was indecisive about my future career pathway and took some time off to work and travel. I chose to study the Master of Biomedical and Health Science because I think it's the perfect way to enter the field of biomedical research. The comprehensive way the course is taught means we’re instructed in all areas of biomedical science, rather than just one specialisation. This allowed me to confirm that I wanted to pursue neuroscience specifically, while gaining experience and knowledge in other areas. It also provided me with a lot of hands-on learning that prepared me for the workforce. It’s quite difficult to find work in a lab without experience, so the course is beneficial for students like me who didn’t complete an honours year.

The most enjoyable aspect of my master’s is the number of interpersonal relationships I’ve developed, not just with fellow students, but also with members of academic staff from diverse branches of biomedical science. I really feel involved in the scientific community here.

Since starting the Master of Biomedical and Health Science, I’ve undertaken a voluntary placement over the summer in a neurophysiology lab studying traumatic brain injury and currently work as a teaching associate in the physiology teaching labs.

I hope this course will bridge the gap between my undergraduate studies and a PhD, as in the long run I have aspirations to work in a research lab, at Monash or elsewhere. The upcoming research project and internship that I’ll undertake in the master’s will be pivotal for reaching these goals.

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