Michael Hastie

Michael Hastie

Michael Hastie

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Degree
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Paramedicine

Bachelor of Emergency Health and Paramedic Practice

The choice to study at Monash University was an easy one for me; it has the reputation of being at the forefront of Emergency Health. Having completed another course through Monash, I was very happy to return.

The practical nature of this degree was one of the most rewarding aspects. The placement component allows for an incredible overlap between your theoretical studies and putting this into practice. It also helps you to develop additional skills – such as communication – that are difficult to teach in a classroom. As you progress through the degree, the placements become a fantastic way of challenging yourself and starting to treat patients (under the watchful eye of a qualified paramedic).

Equally as rewarding, the Emergency Health staff were helpful and relatable. They all had experience as paramedics or as health professionals and were very open in sharing their experiences and pulling relevant anecdotes to assist our learning. On a social level, the Paramedic student society (PARASOC) became a large part of my university experience. It has been a wonderful way of getting to know people from my cohort, the department, around university and in industry.

I’ve been offered a position as a paramedic in the United Kingdom, working for the London Ambulance Service, so I’ll start my career saving lives in the UK. In the future I plan to work in Australia as a paramedic, hopefully completing a Masters in Emergency Health (Intensive Care), allowing me to work with an even higher skill set.

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