Nathan Le

Nathan Le

Nathan Le

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Honours
  • Year commenced: 2015
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours)

Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging

“Growing up, my interests were primarily focused on sports – until I fractured my ankle in a game of soccer. Despite this being a stressful period, my experience was positive and had a successful recovery - and I credit this to the encouraging health professionals who cared for me along the way.

As a student, there is nothing more reassuring than to have experienced lecturers, educators and tutors with a clinical background and continue to practice on an ongoing basis. I chose to study at Monash because I knew that while studying, I’d be able to develop connections that would bridge the gap between academia and the clinical world.  I love the dynamic feedback loop that exists here between myself, my lecturers and patients, since I can pass on the incredibly positive patient experiences to tutors and supervisors.

The most rewarding aspect about studying radiography is being able to apply what’s taught at university through a vast range of clinical placements.  My favourite placement to date would definitely be my time spent with Phillip Island Radiology. Everyone truly understood one another's roles and formed a cohesive team within a hectic public regional hospital. It felt extremely satisfying to make important clinical decisions knowing that the whole patient care process was being constantly coordinated and guided by a multidisciplinary team.

A highlight of my time at Monash has been the opportunity to help mentor, guide and interact with fellow students as a lab demonstrator and through the Monash Radiation Students' Society (MRSS). Being involved in these roles allowed me to socialise, work and continually develop with students across all year levels regardless of our experience, knowledge or skills. As a soon to be graduate, I have been extremely lucky to receive the highest degree of education and support, and I am convinced that future students can develop a strong passion for radiography and health care as a whole through this course.

I hope that one day I can return to Monash as a lecturer or tutor and provide the same mentoring that I’ve been lucky enough to receive as a student.”

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