Re-enrolment information for current students

Re-enrolment Links / Information

Re-enrolment occurs between early October and late-November each academic year

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have read and completed all re-enrolment requirements by the end of the re-enrolment period. Additional course information, including course maps are available from your School/Department websites.

Students will be required to re-enrol via the Web Enrolment System (WES). Some students, specifically those enrolled in off-shore partner supported programs, will be sent hard-copy re-enrolment packages in October - November.

NOTE: If you do not receive a WES transaction number you have not submitted your enrolment.

See below for this year's re-enrolment dates and timeline for:

Course Structure and Unit Advice

Information regarding your course regulations and requirements, including unit pre-requisites and co-requisites is available to view in the Monash University Handbook. Please ensure you refer to the Handbook edition for the year in which you started your course. For advice regarding your enrolment or course, please submit an enquiry via You may also contact your School/Department directly on your home campus.

Students enrolled in a Master's program who will be undertaking a minor thesis or research component in their studies next year should contact the relevant course administrator, or course cooordinator to organise re-enrolment into the thesis.

Failure to re-enrol

If you do not re-enrol during the re-enrolment period, you will be liable for a late re-enrolment fee, and may forfeit your place in your course. Late re-enrolment dates are available on the University Re-enrolment website for coursework students.

If you have missed the late re-enrolment period and wish to regain your place in the course, you will be required to lodge a late re-enrolment application form outlining the reasons for failing to re-enrol by writing to the Late Re-enrolment Officer who will determine if there is a place for you in your course. If you are permitted to re-enrol, the late re-enrolment fee will apply.

Please submit all completed late re-enrolment application forms to the Late Re-enrolment Officer for the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at

Failed units

If you fail a unit in semester two which is a pre-requisite or a co-requisite for a unit that you have enrolled in for the following year, your enrolment in that unit will show as "INVALID". Please contact your course administrator for further information.

Internal course transfer

When applying for a transfer to another course you should re-enrol in your current course and only discontinue your course once you have received and accepted your offer. Apply for internal course transfer.


If you wish to apply for intermission, you must do so in WES or by submitting an application form to your course administrator during the re-enrolment period. Failure to do so may result in your enrolment becoming INACTIVE and your course could be discontinued for failure to re-enrol.If you apply for intermission after the re-enrolment period, and have not enrolled for the coming year, you may be charged the late re-enrolment fee.

Course discontinuation

To withdraw from your course you must apply for course discontinuation.

Please refer to the university Discontinue course webpage for further details on how to discontinue.

Students intending to enrol in a study abroad or exchange program

If you are intending to enrol in a study abroad or exchange program you are still required to re-enrol in units for both semesters one and two at Monash. Once your study abroad/exchange program has been approved, your enrolment will be amended by your course administrator.

Current study abroad and exchange students

If you are currently enrolled in a study abroad or exchange program and will continue studying overseas in semester one next year, you must still re-enrol in your units for semester two next year.

If your semester one 2018 study abroad/exchange units have not been pre-approved by your school or department, detailed unit outlines must be provided to your school or department for assessment.


Once you have re-enrolled for the upcoming year, the University will send notification to your Monash student email account informing you that your enrolment details and fee statement are available in WES.


The timetable will be available early October and can be viewed via the Class Timetables.

University-wide class allocation is available via Allocate+. Please refer to the Allocate+ webpage for the schedule of operation.