Healthy food and catering at work

At Monash we’re committed to supporting healthy food options on campus and empowering staff and students to make nutrition-savvy food choices.

Through Healthy Monash we’re looking to embed health and wellbeing into our University culture on a broad scale. This includes increasing the availability of healthy choices at University catered meetings and events, and championing community awareness for health-driven food options.

To achieve this we’ve created a simple workplace catering guide (PDF, 1.06 MB) and sample healthy catering menus for each of our preferred suppliers. These menus use a quick reference traffic light system to help you make easy and healthy choices when ordering catering for morning tea, afternoon tea or lunch functions.

We’re aiming to become the first university accredited under the Victorian Government’s Achievement Program. With foundations based on the World Health Organisation’s Healthy Workplaces model, Healthy Monash is helping to put the spotlight on health and wellbeing in our workplaces.