Healthy Choices Guidelines

At Monash we’re committed to supporting healthy food options on campus and empowering staff and students to make nutrition-savvy food choices.

Through Healthy Monash we’re looking to embed health and wellbeing into our University culture on a broad scale. Monash uses the Victorian Government's Healthy Choices Guidelines to help ensure that healthy foods and drinks are offered at campus food retail outlets, vending and catering.

The traffic light guide to food classification

The Healthy Choices Guidelines use a traffic light system to categorise food and drinks as Green, Amber or Red according to their nutritional value.


Good food and the best choice "Good Food" Logo

Foods and drinks in the Green category are the healthiest choices. They are good sources of important nutrients and are usually lower in saturated fat, added sugar and/or salt, energy (kilojoules) and are higher in fibre. Green foods and drinks should always be available and they should be promoted as the best choices.
AMBER Choose carefully and avoid large serves Choose Carefully

Amber food and drinks should be selected carefully and eaten in moderation. Although items in the amber category provide some important nutrients, they can also cause you to eat too much energy (kilojoules) and be higher in saturated fats, sugar and salt.
RED Avoid or limit Limit
Food and drinks in the red category are not essential. In general, red choices are high in energy, high in saturated fat, sugar and salt and low in important nutrients. If consumed too often or in large amounts, red food and drinks can lead to weight gain and chronic disease.

Nutrition Initiatives at Monash