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To organise safety equipment for your event, you will need to firstly complete the online "Request for Safety Equipment" form and once you have received the equipment, you will need to also complete and submit the online "Receipt of Safety Equipment" form.

Step 1

For completing the Request for Safety Equipment form, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select the option as shown below.

  2. You can either submit on behalf of yourself or someone else.  If someone else, you will need to enter their Monash University email address.
  3. When asked to select the relevant option that your submission relates to, type in 'event' in the search box and select the option as highlighted below.  Then click on the blue tick (top) to accept your selection and return to the form.

  4. In the box that states "What is your query or feedback?" you must provide a brief description, e.g. require vest for upcoming event.
  5. Enter the number of vests required.
  6. Click 'Submit' and your request will be actioned by your OHS Consultant/Advisor.

Step 2

Receipt of Safety Equipment - to be completed & submitted upon receipt of safety equipment from OH&S.