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Divisibility is the degree to which an innovation of new product may be tried (tested) on a limited basis. For example, the introduction of a new feed on an entire dairy herd for one week. There is evidence from several investigations that relatively earlier adopters may perceive divisibility as more important than later adopters. The more innovative individual has no precedent to follow while the latter adopters are surrounded by peers who have already adopted the innovation. (Katz, 1961, p 81) Reference Elihu Katz (1961). The Social Itinerary of Technical Change: Two Studies on the Diffusion of Innovation, Human Organization, Vol. 20 (Summer, 1961), pp 70-82, at p. 81. in Shaw, S, (1965), Behavioural Science Offers Fresh Insights on New Product  Acceptance, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 29, pp. 9-13

See: Adoption Rate Determinants

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