Daniella Gudzoski

Daniella Gudzoski

Daniella Gudzoski

  • Student type: Domestic
  • Degree type: Degree
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging (Honours)

Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging

Meet Daniella Gudzoski, a Monash Bachelor of Radiography and Medical Imaging graduate, currently working as a Multi-Modality Grade 2 Radiographer in Generals, CT and MRI with Monash Health at Dandenong Hospital.

Daniella was interested to pursue a degree in the medical field where she could get a world class education as well as practical skills.

She first had exposure to Monash through her sister who loved her studies at the university and through Daniella’s involvement in Monash’s Hands on Health program while at high school. This program gave Daniella the opportunity to talk to radiography students and hear about their positive experiences in the course.

“After I did my research I knew that I didn’t want to study anywhere but Monash, and that radiography was the perfect fit for me because of my soft nature, passion for helping people and interest in biology and physics,” she said.

Working in a large hospital, Daniella is responsible for looking after outpatients, inpatients and emergency patients as part of the first in line to pick up minor or life-changing abnormalities and to ensure plans are put into action promptly.

In her role she also assists with in-surgery procedures, as well as using imaging to complete procedures such as biopsies, lumbar punctures, epidurals and joint/nerve injections.

“The part I enjoy the most is that no day is ever the same. You get to see a large variety of conditions and pathologies on all types of patients and we get to work with cutting edge technology to be able to image and understand the natural and traumatic processes of life.”

Looking back, Daniella attributes her broad skillset and versatility to her Monash degree and the many frequent clinical placement opportunities, at both a variety of large hospitals and smaller radiology clinics.

“All of the clinical placements were great, but the best experience was definitely the six-month internship. I got to experience what it’s like being an employee of two large public hospitals, who really allowed me to be a part of the team and experience life as a qualified Radiographer.”

These placements not only developed her broad and versatile clinical skills, but also significantly contributed to her emotional intelligence and soft skills, as she dealt with a wide variety of colleagues and patients from various backgrounds and socio-economic groups.

Whilst studying, Daniella completed an honours component which helped her become more of an analytical thinker and also provided her with the opportunity to present her research at a large international conference.

“I was also lucky to be able to be a part of the opening of the Monash Children’s Hospital. As a small profession, it was great to be able to get to know so many of your friends and colleagues around the state so closely and be able to see why so many imaging departments are welcoming working and learning environments and thoroughly enjoyed by students.”

Daniella completed her Intern PCP placement with Monash Health before gaining employment as a Grade 1 Radiographer at Dandenong Hospital. Since then she has been trained to perform CT scans, successfully received a temporary Generals grade 2 position, as well as completed her MRI training and become a Multi-Modality Grade 2 Radiographer.

Her advice to any prospective students considering radiography would be to organise site visits to see if a “rewarding and stimulating career” as a Radiographer is the right fit for you.

“There are so many career pathways you can go down and as technology advances, so does the profession.”

“Studying at Monash will give you lots of hands on experience and connections to make your transition into professional working life seamless, and the best thing is knowing you contribute to the health and welfare of every patient that walks through your door.”

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