Monash University’s Professor Luk Rombauts elected to lead World Endometriosis Society

Monash University’s Professor Luk Rombauts has been announced as President-elect of the World Endometriosis Society and will step into the role of President of the Society from 2020.

An Adjunct Clinical Professor in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health, and Head of Reproductive Medicine at Monash Health, Professor Rombauts’ main clinical focus is the treatment of patients dealing with reproductive issues.

“A large focus in my practice is on assisted reproductive technologies, such as IVF, but also minimally invasive surgery for advanced endometriosis, reproductive microsurgery to reverse tubal ligations and vasectomies, and the management of patients who have suffered recurrent miscarriages,” Professor Rombauts said.

With research interests closely aligned with his clinical practice, Professor Rombauts is developing clinically useful tests to determine optimal uterine receptivity, as well as identifying the best clinical pathways to diagnose and treat endometriosis early and safely.

Professor Rombauts said his nomination as President-elect for the World Endometriosis Society was very unexpected.

“The nomination committee felt I deserved the gong because of my long service on the board as the editor of the Society’s eJournal and my strong advocacy for more and better research in evidence-based care for women with endometriosis,” he said.

“It’s an enormous privilege to follow in the footsteps of many of my role models in medicine, including Professor Hans Evers, Professor Paolo Vercellini and Professor Linda Giudice.”

Professor Rombauts is also Group Medical Director for Monash IVF Group, one of the largest groups of IVF units in the world, and Vice-President of the Fertility Society Australia.