Neonatologist receives academic promotion at School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health

Neonatalolgist Arvind Sehgal has been recognised for his research with an academic promotion at Monash University.

Adjunct Professor Sehgal, Department of Paediatrics, is a Neonatal Consultant at Monash Children’s Hospital. His recent research focuses on the cardiac and vascular impact of fetal growth restriction.

“Using advanced ultrasound modalities, we have noted early vascular ageing in this cohort alongside mal-adaptive coupling with cardiac function,” said Professor Sehgal.

“Early identification of arterial and ventricular changes would detect those premature infants at high risk for long term cardiovascular compromise, and allow early intervention and / or increased monitoring.”

This research also formed the focus of Professor Sehgal’s recently completed PhD.

Professor Sehgal said his promotion brought cheer amongst his well-wishers and family, and that was important to him.

He also quoted Abraham Lincoln, “don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.”

Professor Sehgal acknowledges Professor Nick Freezer for his ongoing guidance and support and Dr Charles Barfield for his constant encouragement.