Bushfire recovery and readiness

Today, 28 October 2020, marks the completion of the Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster, and aligns with the beginning of bushfire season in Australia.  Monash University experts have contributed to the investigation and knowledge base on a wide range of bushfire related topics, a few of which are listed here :

Professor Yuming Guo, Head of the Climate, Air Quality Research (CARE) Unit, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine

  • Bushfire smoke and air quality
  • The health impacts of harmful particulate matter in the air
  • The link between PM2.5 (particulate matter in the smoke that are less than 2.5, 1000ths of a mm in diameter, or 40 times thinner than a human hair) and respiratory illnesses and cardiac arrest

Dr Paul Read, senior lecturer at Monash University, and a co-director of the National Centre for Research in Bushfire and Arson

Read Paul’s commentary at Monash Lens

  • What the world can expect as climate change and wildfires or bushfires increase globally

Associate Professor Chris Rudiger, Department of Civil Engineering

Read Chris’ commentary at Monash Lens.

See also, A Different Lens, the University’s documentary series.

  • Mapping the extent and severity of the bushfires using new technology
  • Vegetation recovery following a natural disaster
  • Assessment of spatial variability of the damage caused to forests by bushfire

Dr Debra Parkinson, Research Fellow, Monash University Accident Research Centre 

Read Debra’s commentary at Monash Lens.

  • Gendered impact of bushfire: How does it affect men and women, with regards to socialised gender roles
  • How does bushfire affect family dynamics, with reference to the aftermath of Black Saturday
  • Supporting resilience and mental health of communities after bushfires
  • Long term effects of bushfires on affected communities, including loss of trust in key institutions

Dr Rohan Clarke, School of Biological Sciences (an expert witness at the Royal Commission)

Read Rohan’s commentary at Monash Lens

  • In early February, Monash ecologist Rohan Clarke took part in a rescue operation to save the endangered eastern bristlebird ahead of the fire front burning near Mallacoota in Victoria.

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