Dr Hashrul Rashid receives a trifecta of young investigator awards

Hashrul Rashid
Dr Hashrul Rashid

Congratulations to Dr Hashrul Rashid on receiving the ANZET Early Career Research Prize, CSANZ Cardiac Imaging Prize and the RACP Trainee Research Award for Excellence!

These three prizes are the highest young investigator accolades in their specific fields; interventional cardiology (ANZET Early Career Research Prize), cardiac imaging (CSANZ Cardiac Imaging Prize) and medicine (RACP Trainee Research Award for Excellence). See Dr Rashid's RACP award story here.

Dr Rashid whose PhD with the Monash Cardiovascular Research Centre and Victorian Heart Institute is on the role of CT imaging in improving clinical outcomes with transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), presented separate aspects of his PhD thesis in each of these three young investigator awards.

The RACP award looked at the clinical predictors and clinical outcomes of CT-defined leaflet thrombosis (LT) over a three-year follow up, whilst the CSANZ award examined the longitudinal haemodynamic effects of different sub-types of CT-defined LT. The ANZET award was a mechanistic study exploring the role of prosthesis geometry in the development of LT.

A specialist cardiologist at Monash Health, Dr Rashid's research has shown that CT-defined LT is associated with long-term deterioration of TAVR prostheses and it is important to closely monitor these patients to ensure the longevity of these valves. His mechanistic study has also demonstrated the importance of prosthesis sizing and optimising implantation techniques, as prosthesis under-expansion, misalignment and deeper implants were associated with LT on multivariate analysis.

Dr Rashid said, "I feel extremely honoured to be awarded these research prizes and able to represent the research team Monash Cardiovascular Research Centre and Victorian Heart Institute.  I have been supported by amazing supervisors and colleagues at MonashHeart".