School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health student Amber Wang tops the 2020 BMedSc(Hons) cohort

Amber Wang

Congratulations to School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health BMedSc(Hons) student Amber Wang - the highest achieving student in the 2020 BMedSc(Hons) cohort.

Supervised by Dr Atul Malhotra, Department of Paediatrics and Dr Margie Castillo-Melendez, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Amber's research title was "Effect of Umbilical Cord Blood Cell Therapy on Grey Matter Vascular Injury in the Growth-Restricted Fetal Brain".

Dr Malhotra said, "Amber is an extremely hard working student and this result is a testament to her attention to detail for our research work and scientific writing. Margie and I were privileged to supervise her".

With a WAM of 92.25, Amber is ranked number 1 out of 89 students from both Australia and Malaysia campuses and will receive a prize of $1000 at the Faculty Awards night in 2021.

Speaking of her achievement, Amber said, "I have had a fantastic year at the Ritchie Centre, despite COVID-19, and will treasure my time here for the rest of my career. I would like to thank my supervisors, Dr Atul Malhotra and Dr Margie Castillo-Melendez, who provided me with endless support and encouragement during a very difficult year.  I would also like to thank the other members of the Miller-Jenkin lab, especially PhD student Alex Bell and fellow honours students Beth, Lara, Charmaine and Tegan".