Digital Dashboards to deliver reliable, quick and easy-to-access data

A $2.1 million project to collect patient data in one place aims to better equip healthcare workers when making critical and life-saving clinical decisions.

The Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) project will deliver live streams of clinical analytics and reporting information in the form of online dashboards. The dashboards will drive quality improvement, safety assurance and more efficient accreditation in a hospital setting. The data will be drawn from hospital electronic medical records (EMR) and the Victorian Health Incident Management System (VHIMS).

The project will be led by Monash University Faculty of Information Technology and Eastern Health Clinical School, The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.

Prof Peteris Darzins, Exec Clinical Director of Aged Medicine and Director of Geriatric Medicine at Eastern Health, added: “This is an exciting venture for clinicians and will facilitate and improve patient care in a timely manner.”

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