Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Awards 2021

Congratulations to all of our staff who were honoured at the recent Vice-Chancellors Excellence Awards 2021.

The annual awards acknowledge those who contribute above and beyond the requirements of their roles, and foster cross-University collaboration to achieve positive outcomes for our staff and students. For the first time this year, the awards expanded to include the University’s staff both in Australia and overseas.

Full list of Faculty award recipients include:

2021 Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Award for Occupational Health & Safety

The Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Awards for Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) recognise staff who have made an outstanding contribution by implementing innovative and exciting ideas in OH&S at Monash.

Helen Powell Award For Health And Wellbeing
Health And Wellbeing Strategic Committee

Multidisciplinary Collaboration:

  • Professor Kim Cornish
  • Assoc Professor Vicki Ashton
  • Andrew Marks
  • Janine Murray-Zaia
  • Brett Lavale
  • Shirley Yee
  • Vladimir Prpich
  • Dr Zen Goh
  • Natasha Bucker
  • Jane Dancey
  • Professor Claire Palermo
  • Trisha Prpich
  • Emma Paolucci
  • Sabrina Martenstyn
  • Kim Turudia
  • Dr Lucie Joschko
  • Assoc Professor Julie Brimblecombe
  • Christopher Flynn
  • Jennifer Dordevic
  • Darlene Mcgown
  • Dr Kendra Wasiluk
  • Heather Chapman
  • Tong Wang
  • Melinda Mccabe
Team Award Winner

Laboratory Services Team

  • Stephen Thompson
  • Rachelina D'agruma
  • Dr Kylie Wilson
  • Dr Smita Mehta
  • Barbara Smith
  • Ann-Maree Jefferis
  • Dr Pamu Kularathna
  • Michelle Demetrious
  • Dr Anita Barry
  • Narelle Metcalf
  • Kushani Weerakoon
  • Dr Scott Clarke
  • Danielle West
  • Marie Bond
  • Frances Broomhead
  • Hinal Vekaria
  • Chris Bramich
  • Dr Kim Catania
  • Dr Claire Hirst

Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion

The Vice-Chancellor's Excellence Awards for Diversity and Inclusion recognise staff (individuals and teams) who have made an outstanding contribution to supporting diversity and fostering inclusion at Monash and beyond.

Individual Award Winner

Professional Staff Excellence Award

This award has a particular focus on recognising staff who support workplace wellbeing and resilience. The awards recognised the contributions of professional staff who excelled, going above and beyond the requirements of their roles to demonstrate significant and sustained achievement.

Team Award Winner

Medicine Course Md Professional Staff Team

  • Jodie Vickers
  • Debbie Persighetti
  • Daisy Rego
  • Leigh Segal
  • Selvi Vijayaratnam
  • Pauline Forbes
  • Sharon New
  • Kathleen Corcoran
  • Katrina Hill
  • Jessica Lai

See the full list of University recipients.

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